A train is a connected series of vehicles that move along a track (permanent way) to transport freight or passengers from one place to another. The track usually consists of two rails, but might also be a monorail or maglev guideway. Propulsion for the train is provided by a separate locomotive, or from individual motors in self-propelled multiple units. Most modern trains are powered by diesel locomotives or by electricity supplied by overhead wires or additional rails, although historically (from the early 19th century to the mid-20th century) the steam locomotive was the dominant form of locomotive power. Other sources of power (such as horses, rope or wire, gravity, pneumatics, and gas turbines) are possible.

First Train
Richard Trevithick (1771-1833) built that vehicle, the first steam engine tramway locomotive. On February 22, 1804, the locomotive hauled a load of 10 tons of iron, 70 men and five extra wagons the 9 miles between the ironworks at Pen-y-Darron in the town of Merthyr Tydfil, Wales to the bottom of the valley called Abercynnon. It took about two hours.

Fastest Train
The French-made V150 was faster than a speeding Bullet (train, that is) as it reached a speed of 574.8 kilometers (357 miles) per hour breaking the world speed record on rails. Alstom Transport, Reseau Ferre de France and the French railway system SNCF partnered in developing the record-breaking train.
The fastest train ever clocked was the Maglev from Japan, which hit a speed of 361 mph in 2003. However, the Maglev uses electromagnetic technology so the train never touches the rails. Train
The train carrying iron from Zouerate to the coast at Nouadhibou, is probably the world's longest train. Normally its length is as much as 2.5 kilometres.with more than 200 wagons mainly transporting iron ore, and some carriages for passengers; alternatively, people sit on top of the iron piles The whole journey takes around 12 hours, where almost 700 kilometres are covered. If you want to come to, or leave, Nouadhibou, there are no good alternatives to this train. But it should not be avoided anyway.

Longest Toy Train
WHO:Miniature Wunderland ; WHERE:Miniatur Wunderland, Hamburg, Germany ; WHEN:November 27, 2005
An HO (1:87.1) scale model train measuring 110.3 m ( 361 ft 10 in) made up of 3 locomotives of type "lore" and 887 carriages was constructed by Miniature Wunderland in Hamburg, Germany, on November 27, 2005. If the model had been a full-scale train it would have measured 9.607 km (5.969 miles) long.

Largest Train Station
Nagoya Station is a train station in Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture, Japan. It is the world's largest train station by floor area (446,000 m², 4,800,000 ft²)[1]and houses the headquarters of the Central Japan Railway Company (JR Central). Much of this space is located in the "JR Central Towers" atop the station, as well as in underground concourses. The current station complex was completed on December 20, 1999. An average of 1,140,000 people used it per day in 2005, making it the 6th busiest station in Japan.

Largest Underground Train Station

Châtelet – Les Halles is a major commuter train hub in Paris.

Taken together with the Paris Métro stations Châtelet and Les Halles, to which it is directly connected, it is the world's largest underground station and subway station.[citation needed] The station hosts 750,000 travellers per week day (including interchanges), counting 493,000 for the RER only

Longest railway
The world's longest railway, the Trans-Siberian Railway in Russia, is 5,777 miles (9,297 kilometers) long. It runs from Moscow to Vladivostok. If the auxiliary route to Nakhodka is included, the distance becomes 5,865 miles (9,436 kilometers). The Trans-Siberian Railway was opened in sections. The first train transporting goods reached Irkutsk on August 27, 1898.

Longest Tunnel Railway
As long ago as 1994, the Swiss voted in a nationwide referendum to put all freight crossing their country onto the railways. Naturally, such an ambitious plan was not going to happen overnight, but now the project dubbed the engineering feat of the 21st Century is slowly taking shape.
Deep beneath the Alps, the Swiss are building a high-speed rail link between Zurich and Milan. It will include, at 57 kilometres (35 miles), the world's longest tunnel.
World's Most Expensive Train
MOSCOW (Reuters) - Once considered the preserve of scruffy backpackers, hardy adventurers, and vodka swigging businessmen, a new train on Russia's Trans-Siberian route aims to lure wealthy tourists with luxury
A single ticket on the Golden Eagle will cost up to 9,595 pounds ($20000) for the 13- to 15-day journey
Thomas the Tank Engine
Thomas the Tank Engine is a fictional anthropomorphic steam locomotive created by the Rev. W. V. Awdry in his Railway Series books, made into the British children's television series Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends (later simplified to Thomas and Friends) and its American spin-off Shining Time Station.
Thomas is a tank engine: a steam locomotive with large rectangular tanks to carry water, on each side of his boiler. He is based on the E2 Class 0-6-0T locomotives built for the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway between 1913 and 1916.

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